Written, produced and arranged by Nicola Conte

Paola Arnesano – vocals on 02, 09

Gabriella Schiavone – vocals on 03

Stefania Di Pierro – vocals on 10

Manuela Ravaglioli – vocals on 06

Gianni Lenoci – piano / organ on 02, 09, 13

Mirko Signorile – piano / organ on 04, 10

Marco Magno – organ on 11

Gaetano Partipilo – alto sax / flute on 06, 08, 09

Bruno Marini – baritone sax / flute on 05, 12

Francesco Lomangino – tenor sax on 11

Pasquale Bardaro – vibraphone on 01, 05, 10

Nicola Nesta – sitar on 03, 07

Guido Di Leone – jazz guitar on 03, 09, 12

Mauro Gargano – double bass on 04, 08


01 Arabesque

02 Bossa Per Due

03 Dossier Omega

04 Il Cerchio Rosso

05 Fuoco Fatuo

06 Forma 2000

07 Missione a Bombay

08 Jazz pour Dadine

09 The in Samba

10 La Coda del Diavolo

11 Mambo de los Dandies

12 Jet Sounds

13 Trappola Mortale



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Scene 1 – A young woman is walking beneath the sea. She’s alone, only the white sand and a crystal blue water. It’s late in the afternoon and the sun is glancin’ over her shoulders while a soft bossa nova fills the air.

Scene 2 – He’s drivin’ fast, there’s only a short time left and a man to chase. The black spider screams at the beat of a big band 5/4 jazz theme.

Scene 3 – It’s night in the park and every shadow tells a mystery. A far eastern sound.

is pulled by a psychedelic beat. What’s the next move…?

Whose is this soundtrack? Are we in Italy and when?

It’s the year 2000 and the avant-garde of the new jazz pop Italian scene is called JET SOUNDS.

The debut album from Nicola Conte tells a cinematic story, a sound for moderns.

It includes all the successful singles like Bossa Per Due, Arabesque, Forma 2000, Missione A Bombay plus a handful of new tunes like Dossier Omega and Il Cerchio Rosso. It features nearly 20 different musicians and moreover the visionary, sophisticated appeal of Nicola with a sound that is already his trademark and the one of Schema, the Italian label which is gaining recognition worldwide.



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