01 Arabesque (Vocal version – performed by Micatone)

02 Forma 2000 (Reforma 2001 performed by Les Gammas)

03 Tema In Hi-Fi (performed by Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella)

04 Jet Sounds (performed by Nuspirit Helsinki)

05 Bossa Per Due (performed by Thievery Corporation)

06 Fuoco Fatuo (performed by Koop)

07 New Standards (performed by Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella)

08 The In Samba (performed by Kyoto Jazz Massive)

09 Love Me ‘till Sunday (performed by Nicola Conte)

10 Missione a Bombay (performed by Eddy & Dus vs jazzalektro mix)

11 Dossier Omega (performed by Espen Horne)

12 Mambo De Los Dandies (performed by Gerardo Frisina)



written by Nicola Conte & Lisa Bassenge produced and re-arranged by Micatone

vocals: Lisa Bassenge – guitar: Boris Meinhold – bass: Paul Kleber – drums: Tim Kroker – arrangements: Stefan Rogall


written by Nicola Conte & Vincenzo Lo Greco

produced and re-arranged by Les Gammas at Solinarium Studios


written by Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella

rhythms, turntables & programming: Nicola Conte – trombone & keyboards: Gianluca Petrella – vibraphone: Pasquale Bardaro – piano: Pietro Lussu – acoustic bass: Giorgio Vendola


written by Nicola Conte – produced and re-arranged by Nuspirit Helsinki

drums: Teppo Mäkynen – percussion: Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa – rhodes: Kasio – trumpet: Jukka Eskola – trombone: Jay Kortehisto – sax: Aleksi Ahoniemi – guitar Tuomas Kallio


written by Nicola Conte & Gianni Lenoci

produced and re-arranged by Rob Garza & Eric Hilton

engineered by Desmond Williams


written by Nicola Conte – produced and re-arranged by Koop

lyrics & vocal by Earl Zinger – choir by “The Real Koop”


written by Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella

rhythms, turntables & programming: Nicola Conte – trumpet: Fabrizio Bosso – trombone & keyboards: Gianluca Petrella – bass: Giorgio Vendola


written by Nicola Conte & Gianni Lenoci – produced and re-arranged by Kyoto Jazz Massive (Shuya Okino & Yoshihiro Okino)

programming: Yoshihiro Okino & Kenichi Ikeda (Rockakongs) – fender rhodes & korg triton: Hajimz Yoshizawa (Cosmic Village/Sleepwalker) – engineer: Toshihiko Miyoshi @ Hal Studio – Assistant: Takaki Itoh


written and produced by Nicola Conte

vocals: Barbara De Dominicis – vibraphone: Pasquale Bardaro


written by Nicola Conte

produced and re-arranged by Eddy Ramich and Zvonimir Dusper “Dus” for Kontrapunkt Kolektiv Productions

bass: Davor Ivelic “Chupi” – guitar: Joe Pandur – flute: Zarko Hajderhodzic


written by Nicola Conte & Giuseppe D’Ambrosio

produced and re-arranged by Espen Horne – bass: Bjorn I. Tysse – drums: Erik Horne – percussions: Espen Horne – engineered by Bjorn I. Tysse


written by Nicola Conte & Marco Magno

produced and re-arranged by Gerardo Frisina @ Lo Greco Studio

original tenor saxophone: Francesco Lomangino – bass: Enzo Lo Greco – drums & percussions: Gianni Lo Greco



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The publication of “Jet Sounds” in October 2000 and its subsequent release on the international market represented a turning point from the initial productions by Schema and the new course taken by the label. This record was important for reveling Nicola Conte’s talent worldwide and the vitality of the constantly evolving Italian scene which Schema Records interpreted and promoted.

Now, after two years, we have “Jet Sound Revisited” and the circle is closed! In fact, this record received great public success and positive criticism was also given for its creator, Nicola Conte. This project confers great appreciation for this artist from Bari by the entire nu-jazz scene elevating both parties to a higher level. If we compare the two albums it will be clear how “Jet Sounds” was characterized by Bossa, Jazz, and psychedelic sonorities inspired by Italian soundtracks of the late 60’s while “Revisited” manifests influences of jazz of the 60’s and 70’s from all over Europe. It has a more evident use of electronics that widens the picture beyond Bossa reaching club rhythms: nu house, broken beats, nu jazz etc.

One should definitely take note of the common approach used by the various production teams when taking on the work. They have given us versions which maintain the original mood of the tracks even in the diversity of the various arrangements. The circle is now closed, and while waiting for a new chapter to be opened, there’s nothing left to do but savor the unreleased soundtrack “Love Me ‘Till Sunday”, from the RAS insurance commercial, with Sean Connery as it’s star, which is offered to us as the buttonhole of a great work of art. This work of art precedes the welcome return of Rosalia De Souza to the music scene. She’s already well known as the vocalist for Quintetto X in the album “Novo Esquema Da Bossa” and she’s about to release the new and much awaited for album “Garota Moderna”, out in September/October on Schema Records, with Nicola appearing as producer and musical director.


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